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Are WPTrainMe’s WordPress Tutorials Regularly Updated?

WPTrainMe - FAQThe biggest challenge for anyone providing WordPress training services, WordPress video tutorials, WordPress online tutorials, or even WordPress tips is keeping information about WordPress up-to-date.

If you take a look at the WordPress release schedule, you will see that WordPress regularly releases a new version every 3-4 months. This means that every 3-4 months, WordPress will introduce changes and release updates to address security vulnerabilities, fix bugs in older versions, and add new features and improvements to the software.

Unless the entire WordPress training program consists of only a dozen tutorials or so, keeping WordPress training content up-to-date is no easy task. Information and links have to be updated, which means that content has to rewritten screen capture videos and screenshots have to be re-recorded and recreated, and the content has to re-uploaded to servers and re-inserted into the training content.

WPTrainMe provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials with thousands of screenshots and hundreds of videos.

To manage and update all of this content requires having great systems. We host all tutorials on our servers and make the content accessible to users via the plugin. This not only makes it easier to manage and update the content, it also allows us to continue adding new tutorials to our existing training library and to make it instantly available to you in your dashboard.


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WPTrainMe Content Update Guidelines

If the change affects the functionality of a particular aspect, feature, or section of WordPress, then we will prioritize making changes to any affected tutorials using one of the methods described below:

a) We will indicate in the affected tutorial(s) what changes have been made by WordPress and how these affect users with the icon below preceding the updated/newly-added tutorial content …

New WordPress Feature

b) We will redo an existing tutorial if the changes are substantial and large-scale rewriting of the content is required, or

c) We will create a completely new tutorial or add a new sub-section to an existing tutorial if required.

We will also notify plugin users of these updates using the methods below:

  • WPTrainMe blog
  • News and Updates section within the Plugin
  • Email (subscribed users only)

Note: If the change is only cosmetic (i.e. the change affects only how a feature “looks” and not how it “works”), then updating the content to reflect version changes will not be considered a priority, and will be scheduled to fit in with our available resources, and our development process.

help For more Frequently Asked Questions about our WordPress Tutorials or plugin, go here:

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