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Learn How To Do Complete WordPress Backups With WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials

Are you a WordPress blog owner? If so, then you should learn how to back up a WordPress blog.

Performing a WordPress backup is an important aspect of managing your WordPress site. And it’s not that hard when you know what to do.

The detailed step-by-step tutorials in the WPTrainMe Plugin PRO Edition show WordPress site owners exactly how to maintain and back up their WordPress blogs without having to hire a web developer to perform WordPress site maintenance for them.

WordPress Users Can Learn How To Maintain Their Own WordPress Sites With WPTrainMe TutorialsSimple economics and a little research online will show you that learning how to perform WordPress backups can save a WordPress blog owner as much as $250 to $350 per month, per site. With this conservative example, you can see what savings might be realized by users who learn how to do their own WordPress site backups.

Consistent with training in WordPress backup is training about how to back up a MySQL database, which is where all of your WordPress data (posts, pages, categories, comments, settings, etc) is stored. WPTrainMe’s WordPress Management Tutorials section provides non-technical WordPress users with complete step-by-step training tutorials on backup software, SQL database maintenance, database optimization, database management and tips on using software to help automate your WordPress MySQL database backups.

The WordPress maintenance tutorials are easy to follow and include sequential screenshots and step-by-step videos. They have been especially created for non-technical WordPress users and provide not only a complete system for performing proper WordPress blog database maintenance, but are also a valuable resource for WordPress users and business owners and will save you a lot of time and money, as well as helping to ensure that your WordPress site remains updated, backed up and protected.

Areas covered in the WordPress Management training module include:

  • The WordPress Maintenance Process
  • How To Create An Organized WordPress Maintenance System
  • How To Set Up A Secure Offsite Backup System
  • Data Transfer Methods
  • How To Delete Unnecessary Data
  • MySQL Database Management
  • How To Back Up WordPress Database
  • How To Back Up WordPress Application Files
  • How To Update WordPress Software
  • How To Update WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Theme Management
  • How To Restore WordPress Data
  • How To Reinstall WordPress
  • Troubleshooting WordPress Errors
  • How To Automate WordPress Maintenance Tasks
  • And various other WordPress Management tasks

Why Knowing How To Perform WordPress Backups Is Important

Having an online presence is an absolute requirement for today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. Without a constant, continually updated online presence, your business can quickly become outdated and can potentially become ignored in no time at all, as well as allowing security vulnerabilities to become exploited. Using screen captures and videos, the WordPress maintenance tutorials module will teach you all of the important aspects of WordPress backup that you need to know to properly maintain and update your WordPress blog and continue enjoying a safe experience online.

Specifically designed with non-technical users in mind, the WordPress maintenance tutorials will not only teach you how to back up a WordPress database in order to keep your site constantly maintained but also how to perform a regular WordPress backup routine as part of a regular and stable website maintenance procedure. The database backup tutorials will leave you feeling confident and secure in the steps you need to backup SQL database and regularly back up your WordPress data with self-sufficiency.

Knowing how to perform your own blog backups will also give you tremendous confidence and peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about whether or not your website developer is adequately handling WordPress backups for your site.

In fact, you will probably find after completing the in-depth WPTrainMe management tutorials that you are far better equipped to handle your own WordPress site’s maintenance tasks than many professional service providers, as many of these rely on automated solutions which perform only some, but not all of the required WordPress maintenance processes. WPTrainMe teaches you how to perform a complete WordPress maintenance routine using automated and manual processes, including troubleshooting many common WordPress errors …

Learn How To Perform A Complete WordPress Maintenance Routine With WPTrainMe

The WordPress maintenance tutorials were created by documenting the exact steps used to professionally maintain hundreds of business sites and blogs after spending thousands of hours performing WordPress database backups and maintenance routines for clients.

Additionally, the tutorials have been expertly-written by a business educator and WordPress trainer with years of experience running government and local council sponsored workshops for business owners. WPTrainMe teaches you the exact same system we have used over and over again to maintain professional WordPress sites for many of our own clients.

Save Hundreds Of $$$ On WordPress Management Costs

Unlike clients who pay a monthly fee for having WordPress maintenance services and WordPress backups, however, access to the complete set of step-by-step WordPress maintenance tutorials (and hundreds of other WordPress tutorials) can be purchased for a low one-time fee.

There is simply nowhere else you can go to become so fully educated about performing WordPress backup and maintenance of your site, so quickly and so easily.

Why would you waste time scouring the net for information, when WPTrainMe’s WordPress maintenance tutorials can provide you with a complete WordPress maintenance training system that can be instantly accessed from your own WordPress dashboard?

WordPress Management Tutorials - WPTrainMe.com

Learning how to do WordPress database backups is absolutely essential to maintaining your own blog and no one better understands how to backup a database than professionals who do this for a living.

If you own a WordPress site and are looking for information that makes the process of performing database backup understandable to users not trained as professional blog site developers, then you should consider using the tutorials in the WPTrainMe plugin – they are simple to follow and include step-by-step screenshots and instructions that you can apply to learn how to manage your own blogs.

If you have built, are building, or are thinking of building a WordPress blog for yourself or for your business, you should absolutely learn more about performing your own WordPress backups and WordPress maintenance routine.

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The WPTrainMe plugin gives you instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials from your own WP dashboard.

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