WPTrainMe Philosophy

"Putting WordPress Users First"

WPTrainMe - The Most Complete WordPress Step-By-Step Training System Available Online! Our business and training philosophy is based on the belief that "putting WordPress users first" and empowering them to be in control of their own web presence creates a positive and beneficial "win-win-win" situation for everyone involved in using WordPress:

  • WordPress Users win. By learning how to use, manage and grow their own sites, users can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary web development costs, and maximize the growth and profit potential of their sites.
  • WordPress Service Providers win. The more users learn about WordPress, the more WordPress-related products and services they will want to use. This creates demand for new WordPress products and services, and exposes clients to more opportunities to use existing products and services.
  • WordPress wins. The more users learn and use WordPress, the stronger WordPress itself becomes.

Let's explore this concept a little further ...

If you sell WordPress services like:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Consulting
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • etc ...

Then it only makes sense that, the more you educate your clients about WordPress and help them understand all that WordPress can do to help them succeed online, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use.

This helps keep the WordPress software and all who contribute to its development growing and moving forward towards new and more exciting horizons. As long as users are made aware of what is possible with WordPress, they can decide what areas of their site they will manage themselves, and what areas they will outsource to others.

WordPress service providers that focus on educating and empowering their clients not only help clients save time and money, they also earn their clients' trust, respect and loyalty, which ultimately leads to a sustainable business.

With this model, everyone wins ... the user, the service provider, and even WordPress itself!

WPTrainMe.com - Educating And Empowering WordPress Users!

The challenge for many WordPress service providers, is how to run their business (which includes finding and servicing new clients) while providing existing clients with WordPress training that will truly empower them to move forward successfully without becoming dependent, or being held hostage by their lack of "technical" knowledge to get things done on their own.

If WordPress is as easy to use as so many people claim, then WordPress site owners should be able to manage most aspects of their web presence without having to continually keep paying for services they don't need ...

WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!

Yet, many web service providers perpetuate the myth that managing your own website and growing your web presence is too "technical" or "time-consuming" and should be best left to "experts" to handle.

While this may be partly true, many WordPress site owners aren't being made aware that they can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs and grow their web presence faster, if only they were shown just how easy it is to run almost every aspect of an online presence using WordPress.

With proper training and instant access to information that empowers users (as opposed to information that overwhelms them), most WordPress users can get things done cheaper and faster themselves than having to pay someone else to do it, who may not have as much of a vested interest in their business.

What Putting WordPress Users First Really Means ...

Putting "WordPress users first" means empowering users with all the education, information and practical knowledge they require to make informed decisions about the best way to manage their web presence.

It means holding nothing back and leaving nothing out.

There is so much more to WordPress than most WordPress users are aware of.

As WordPress continues to evolve and grow in some many new ways and directions, new possibilities are continually being made available to WordPress site owners. With the right foundation of knowledge, training and education, most WordPress users would be able to easily integrate new changes into their existing online and business strategies without having to continually keep paying "gatekeepers" to access information that is all too often freely-available.

The more that users know about WordPress, the more information they will have to manage and hence, the more work they will need to outsource.

This is where WordPress services providers can truly add value ...

WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!

By giving users the training tools that will enable them to manage and grow on their own, users can then choose to delegate or assign tasks to others, or outsource the responsibility for managing areas that they are too busy to handle to other professionals and service providers.

There is a huge difference between building a business that empowers users to grow and then charging their clients for responsibilities they choose to delegate, and building a business that prevents users from expanding and then charging their clients for responsibilities they choose to abdicate.

One approach builds a sustainable business and leads to more growth and expansion, and the other one is doomed to fail sooner or later.

Consider this:

WPTrainMe saves you time training clients to use WordPress!The core of WPTrainMe's training system comprises of hundreds of detailed, well-organized, expertly-written and easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials that have taken years of full-time work to create.

In addition to the above, our training system has been developed from the ground up after several incarnations to keep up with the way WordPress continually changes and to allow us to continually keep adding new information.

Now ... ask yourself how much time, effort, planning and research you think most web service providers have invested into building the WordPress training they are currently providing to their clients.

We have been there and done that. We have spent years giving one-on-one and group-based WordPress training sessions on-site to clients, and spent countless hours creating PDF guides and video tutorials that quickly go out-of-date. We have even developed an entire series of e-books on WordPress training after spending almost two years running WordPress training seminars and 'hands-on' workshops for small businesses.

WPTrainMe is the result of years spent learning from experience and understanding the pitfalls and shortcomings of using training methods that are less effective, and then striving to continually improve the development of a system that ultimately empowers WordPress users with practical, useful, easy-to-follow and easy to update information that can be instantly accessed with one-click from their own WordPress dashboards.

WPTrainMe Is Different ...

We have created a true "step-by-step" WordPress training system, built from years of experience teaching others how to use WordPress, and well over a decade of expertize developing effective business training systems.

WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!

If you are a WordPress user, we invite you to experience the WPTrainMe difference, and see for yourself what it really feels like to be "put first".

If you are a WordPress service provider, we invite you to stop "feeding your clients fish" and experience the freedom of giving someone a tool that will teach them how to "fish" for themselves, so you can go out and find new clients you can service and become their "go to" service provider when they are ready and happy to delegate some of their excess work back to you.

WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!