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WPTrainMe Plugin: Features & Pricing

WPTrainMe is a comprehensive WordPress training system that includes hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials, organized into logical training modules:

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The sections below outline the WPTrainMe plugin's main features and pricing details.

WPTrainMe - Hundreds Of Step-By-Step WordPress Tutorials!
“I am so grateful for the level of detail and the elegant flow of all the tutorials!” - Andrea Adams
WPTrainMe - Access hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials from your WP dashboard!

"I was absolutely amazed at the scope and breadth of these tutorials. I challenge anybody to find better value for money! The most in-depth training I have ever received on any subject!"

- Mike O'Neill, DailyGreenPost.com

WPTrainMe WordPress Training System - Main Features

A Complete WordPress Training System

WPTrainMe is the product of 10+ years spent teaching and training hundreds of businesses to use WordPress and years of documenting business sales and training systems. The aim of WPTrainMe is to empower WordPress users and website owners to be in complete control of their digital presence.

A Step-By-Step WordPress Training System

We break WordPress down into logical training modules containing dozens of detailed tutorials that take you step-by-step through every area of using WordPress with no coding skills required.

Screenshot Tutorials Make Learning WordPress Easy, Simple & Fast!

Our detailed screenshot tutorials explain how to use WordPress using plain language so non-technical users can understand and follow the instructions. We provide the content in written format and video tutorials to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily in a way that best suits your learning methods.

Find Topic-Related Information Quickly And Easily

As you work through the tutorials, you will see hyperlinked references in the training content to other WordPress-related topics, functions and features (think Wikipedia), plus a list of related tutorials at the end of each training section. Our tutorials are fully interlinked and cross-referenced to help make finding the information you are looking for easier and faster.

WordPress Video Tutorials Included

In addition to providing comprehensive and detailed screenshot tutorials, we also include hundreds of accompanying video tutorials with the training content. For more information about the video tutorials, see our FAQ section.

View Tutorials On Your Mobile Device

We use a premium-quality mobile responsive theme to ensure that all training content, including tutorial images and videos will resize and display correctly on mobile devices.

WPTrainMe Works Across All Electronic Device Platforms

Our tutorials are built using WordPress and a WordPress responsive theme and work on all device platforms. No matter what device you're using, you can access the information you need when you need it, wherever you are!

WPTrainMe Plugin Is Easy To Install And Simple To Use

Everything you need to become a proficient, competent, and expert WordPress user is included in our easy-to-install WordPress plugin. We also provide detailed step-by-step installation, configuration and usage instructions online in our WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide.

WPTrainMe Tutorials Are Ideal For Non-Technical Users

Most WordPress tutorials are geared towards technical users like web developers and web designers. Our goal is to teach WordPress users how to be in complete control of their web presence with minimal cost and no technical expertise or coding skills required.

Different Plugin Editions To Suit Your Needs

We offer a FREE version of the plugin with dozens of WordPress 'how-to' tutorials, and a PRO version that includes absolutely everything! Whether you are a WordPress user looking to learn just the basics of using WordPress, a business owner who wants to learn how to use, manage and grow your website at minimal cost and with no coding skills required, or a WordPress service provider looking for a time-saving and cost-effective way to train your clients, WPTrainMe can help you!

WordPress Users Love WPTrainMe

Based on the feedback we receive from people who use our tutorials to learn WordPress and those who have attended our seminars and training workshops, we can confidently say that people love the quality of our training content and the level of detail we provide. Please visit our testimonials section to read what users think of WPTrainMe.

WPTrainMe Saves You Time

The WPTrainMe plugin saves you valuable time by giving you 'one-click' instant access to a complete WordPress training system right inside your own WP Dashboard. Instead of spending hundreds of hours scouring the net for information whenever you get stuck and don’t know what to do next, you can now instantly access hundreds of detailed WordPress tutorials from one place without leaving your dashboard.

WPTrainMe Saves You Money

We'll show you how to save thousands of dollars on web development, web design, web marketing and digital training costs and how to grow a successful online presence on a shoestring budget using many FREE and low cost solutions and services.

No Other WordPress Training Product Compares To WPTrainMe!

We guarantee that you will not find a more comprehensive WordPress training system -- FREE or PAID -- that can instantly deliver you hundreds of detailed written and video tutorials, plus downloadable templates, checklists, guides, and more in a way that allows the information to stay organized and up-to-date as WordPress changes and evolves.

“Got your WordPress training and it is just what I needed. Very clear and easy to understand.” - James U (N.C. USA)

WPTrainMe Plugin - Pricing

  • Dozens Of WordPress Tutorials
  • Introduction To WordPress
  • Content Updates
  • Training Updates

Dozens Of Essential WordPress 'How-To' Tutorials!

* Annual subscription includes updates and regular addition of new tutorials. You can cancel your subscription at any time.