WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide

Learn how to install, configure, and use the WPTrainMe WordPress Training plugin.


WPTrainMe Plugin User GuideAuthenticating Your WPTrainMe Plugin

After installing and activating the WPTrainMe plugin, the last step is to authenticate your plugin.

This step lets the WPTrainMe server know which plugin edition you have installed on your site, so it can grant access to the tutorials for your plugin level in your WP Dashboard.

Note: This step only needs to be done once.

Until the plugin has been authenticated in the ‘Settings’ section, users won’t be able to access any of the WordPress tutorials inside their dashboard …

WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide

To authenticate the plugin, go to your WP dashboard and click on WPTrainMe > Settings on the sidebar menu ...

WPTrainMe Plugin Authentication Tutorial

You can also access your plugin's 'Settings' from the main Plugins screen ...

WPTrainMe Plugin Installation Tutorial

This brings you to the plugin 'Settings' tab.

Enter your member login details into the 'Username' and 'Password' fields, then click on the 'Save Changes' button to authenticate your copy of the plugin ...

WPTrainMe Plugin Installation Tutorial

Note: Your member login details will be sent to you via email. For more information about your member login details, refer to the "plugin download" section.

Once your membership login details have been authenticated and your settings have been saved, you can access your tutorials ...

WPTrainMe Plugin Installation Tutorial

Congratulations! Your WPTrainMe plugin is now fully installed, activated and ready to use ...

WPTrainMe Plugin Installation Tutorial

The next step is to learn how to use WPTrainMe.

Click on the button below to learn about using the WPTrainMe plugin.


How To Use The WPTrainMe Plugin

Video Tutorial

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