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Do you know anyone who uses WordPress?

How about ...

  • Small businesses?
  • Home-based businesses?
  • New WordPress website owners?
  • Professionals?
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  • Affiliate marketers?
  • Bloggers?
  • Product reviewers?
  • Schools?
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How many website owners ask the question "how do I do X on my website"?

If you know anyone who can benefit from learning how to use WordPress, then why not become an affiliate partner and get paid for referring them to WPTrainMe.com?

One out of every 5 websites around the world use WordPress.

More and more websites are being powered by WordPress and every WordPress user needs to learn how to use WordPress to get the most benefit from their websites and blogs.

WPTrainMe provides the most comprehensive, well-organized and easy-to-follow WordPress step-by-step training system available anywhere.

With the WPTrainMe WordPress Tutorials plugin, users can instantly access hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials directly from their own WP dashboard with just one click!

We offer two affiliate programs for the WPTrainMe product and you are welcome to join both:

  • WPTrainMe General Affiliate Program - Promote WPTrainMe to general WordPress users. This program is managed by a leading affiliate management network.
  • WPTrainMe Enterprise Level Affiliate Program - Promote Multiple User (Client) plugin licensing options to WordPress service providers. We manage this affiliate program in-house.

WPTrainMe General Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate partner and earning money promoting the WPTrainMe WordPress Tutorials Plugin is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 Sign up for a FREE affiliate account at JVZOO.

We use JVZoo to track referrals of our single license WPTrainMe PRO plugin. JVZoo also handles all affiliate commission payments automatically.

Ideal customers for the plugin include all WordPress users, website owners, and businesses. Learning how to use WordPress and how to manage and grow their websites will not only only save them money on costs like website development, web management, web design, internet marketing, and digital skills training, it will also help them become more profitable.

Step 2 Get your uniquely coded affiliate link from JVZoo. This link allows JVZoo to track all your referrals and pay you commissions directly when sales are made.

Step 3 Start promoting WPTrainMe using your special-coded affiliate link and get paid sales commissions automatically when your visitors and referrals purchase the WPTrainMe PRO plugin.

TIP: We recommend using a link tracking and redirection tool when referring visitors to create and track affiliate campaign links from your own domain.

Click Here To Promote WPTrainMe Through JVZOO

JVZooYou will first need to create an account with JVZoo in order to get paid. To register with JVZoo (it’s FREE) and set up your affiliate account go here.

Once you have set up an account with JVZoo, go here to request approval as an affiliate and get your unique affiliate link:



WPTrainMe Enterprise Affiliate Program

We manage an affiliate program in-house for "Enterprise-level" affiliates who want to promote WPTrainMe to WordPress service providers (e.g. web developers, WordPress site building services, etc.) ...

WPTrainMe Enterprise Login

The Enterprise Level affiliate program allows affiliates to promote the WPTrainMe WordPress Training Plugin to WordPress service providers (e.g. web developers, WordPress site building services, etc.), who want to purchase multiple user license options.

help To learn more about the benefits of purchasing client licenses and to view the licensing options we currently have available, go here:

redarrow WordPress Service Providers - Client Licensing Options

help To learn more about the Enterprise Level affiliate program, visit the page below:

redarrow WPTrainMe Enterprise Affiliate Program

We have created affiliate marketing tools to help you promote the WPTrainMe plugin on your sites with banners and text ads, product reviews, articles, emails (PLEASE DON’T SPAM!), forum signatures, etc.

Click Here To Access The WPTrainMe Affiliate Tools Section

(click the link above to access banners, promotional materials, etc ...)


Making money as an affiliate requires work. We want to help you succeed and make money referring our product. We guarantee to provide you with the support you need and we thank you for choosing to invest your time promoting our products as an affiliate.

Privacy Statement: Your data will never be rented, sold or displayed to anyone. Your privacy is completely assured.

Reminder: We have ZERO tolerance for Spam - anyone caught spamming will have their affiliate account terminated immediately!

We look forward to helping you achieve great success and we wish you the very best in your affiliate marketing efforts.

The Team @ WPTrainMe.com

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