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Learn How To Manage WordPress – Step-By-Step WordPress Management Tutorials

WordPress Management TutorialsOur Tutorials Are Easy To Follow – No Technical Knowledge Or Coding Skills Are Required!

Module 7 (WordPress Management Tutorials) of the WPTrainMe WordPress training system shows you step-by-step how to fully manage and maintain your WordPress site, with detailed screenshot tutorials that are easy to follow and ideal for all non-technical users.

You will learn:

  • How to save hundreds of dollars on web management costs
  • How to put your WordPress site into maintenance mode
  • How to delete unwanted WordPress files
  • How to back up your WordPress data and files using various manual and automated methods
  • How to keep your WordPress site fully up-to-date (software, plugins, themes)
  • How to keep your WordPress site error-free
  • How to maintain your WordPress database
  • How to troubleshoot and fix many common WordPress errors
  • How to restore and reinstall WordPress sites
  • How to manage WordPress comments
  • How to manage WordPress users
  • How to manage WordPress logins
  • How to create a “disaster-proof” web presence for your business
  • WordPress management automation tools
  • And so much more …

This training module includes hundreds of screenshots with detailed step-by-step instructions, accompanying video tutorials, downloadable checklists and additional training resources.

This training module alone will save you hundreds of dollars a month on management and support costs.

You will learn how to manage your WordPress site like a PRO.

All WordPress management tutorials can be accessed from your WP dashboard via the WPTrainMe plugin …

Learn How To Manage Your WordPress Site - WPTrainMe Plugin

Module 7 Tutorials – WordPress Management

Here is a list of all the tutorials included in Module 7:

WordPress Training Module 07 - WordPress Management TutorialsFREEBASICBIZPRO
WordPress Maintenance Module 1 - The WordPress Site Maintenance ProcessY
How To Put Your WordPress Site In Maintenance ModeY
WordPress Maintenance Module 2 - Getting OrganizedY
Using cPanel To Manage Your WordPress SiteY
WordPress Maintenance Module 3 - Offsite Data Backup SystemY
How To Set Up An Amazon S3 AccountY
WordPress Maintenance Module 4 - Data Transfer MethodsY
WordPress Maintenance Module 5 - WordPress Content ManagementY
WordPress Maintenance Module 6 - WordPress Database ManagementY
How To Create A WordPress MySQL DatabaseY
How To Delete A WordPress MySQL DatabaseY
How To Back Up Your WordPress Database Using phpMyAdminY
How To Back Up Your WordPress Database Using Backup WizardY
WordPress Maintenance Module 7 - WordPress File ManagementY
How To Back Up WordPress Files Using cPanel File ManagerY
How To Back Up WordPress Using FTPY
How To Back Up WordPress Files Using Backup WizardY
WordPress Maintenance Module 8 - WordPress Software ManagementY
How To Update WordPress Automatically Via The WP DashboardY
How To Update WordPress Manually Using cPanelY
How To Update WordPress Manually Using FTPY
WordPress Maintenance Module 9 - WordPress Plugin ManagementY
How To Install WordPress Plugins ManuallyY
How To Update And Delete WordPress Plugins Via The WP DashboardY
How To Update And Delete WordPress Plugins ManuallyY
WordPress Maintenance Module 10 - WordPress Theme ManagementY
How To Manage Your WordPress Admin MenusY
WordPress Maintenance Module 11 - Restoring WordPress DataY
How To Transfer Content From One WordPress Site To AnotherY
The WordPress Tools Section - Importing And Exporting FilesY
WordPress Maintenance Module 12 - Reinstalling WordPressY
How To Delete Your WordPress SiteY
WordPress Maintenance Module 13 - WordPress Maintenance AutomationY
Scheduling Tasks In WordPress With WP-CronY
WordPress Maintenance Module 14 - Managing Multiple WordPress SitesY
How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With WP PipelineY
Using WordPress Multisite To Manage A Network Of WordPress SitesY
WordPress Maintenance Module 15 - WordPress TroubleshootingY
WordPress Troubleshooting ProcessY
WordPress Troubleshooting Software ToolsY
Unable To Log Into WordPress Administration AreaY
Solution: Edit Users TableY
Changed General Settings URL And Can't Log Back InY
WordPress Errors Related To PluginsY
WordPress Plugin ConflictsY
Best Practices To Avoid WordPress Plugin ErrorsY
Plugin Worked Ok Before Not Working NowY
Error Message: Headers Already Sent WarningY
Trying To Delete A WordPress Plugin Causes ProblemsY
General WordPress ErrorsY
Error Message: Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled MaintenanceY
WordPress Not Saving ChangesY
Cannot Delete Posts Or PagesY
Cannot Access PostsY
WordPress Not Allowing Custom PermalinksY
WordPress Database Too Large To Back UpY
Common Causes Of WordPress ErrorsY
WordPress Fatal Error MessagesY
White Screen Of DeathY
WordPress Hosting ProblemsY
WordPress Troubleshooting Help ResourcesY
How To Determine The PHP Version Of Your ServerY
How To Increase The Maximum File Upload Size In WordPressY
WordPress Maintenance Module 16 - WordPress Maintenance ChecklistY
Managing WordPress UsersY
Managing WordPress CommentsY
Managing WordPress LinksY
Check Your WordPress Site For Broken LinksY
Add A Links Section To Your WordPress SiteY
Redirect Links In WordPressY
Managing WordPress LoginsY
How To Recover Your WordPress PasswordY
How To Change Your Login Password Through WordPress AdminY
WordPress Plugins: ManagementY


We are continually adding new tutorials to WPTrainMe. The tutorials listed above may not reflect the latest and most up-to-date complete list of tutorials in our WordPress training library.

The “WordPress Management” tutorials in Module #7 are available in the following WPTrainMe plugin editions:

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