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WPTrainMe - The Most Complete WordPress Step-By-Step Training System Available Online!Are you a WordPress plugin developer? Have you created a great plugin that can benefit many WordPress users?

If so, we may be interested in adding a tutorial about your plugin to our WordPress training system, or perhaps just featuring your plugin in one of our tutorials, with a link to the plugin's download page.

As more WordPress users turn to WPTrainMe to learn about WordPress, the more your plugin will benefit by receiving greater exposure and increased awareness.

And … we are even willing to add a tutorial about your plugin to WPTrainMe for FREE if we believe that many WordPress users will benefit from knowing how your plugin can help them.

A Brief Overview Of WPTrainMe

WPTrainMe provides WordPress users with instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials right inside their own WP Dashboard via the WPTrainMe plugin.

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive, well-organized and easy-to-follow WordPress "A-Z" training system available to help WordPress users learn how to be in control of their web presence without having to become 'technical' experts, and avoid spending thousands of dollars in unnecessary web development costs.

We have spent years meticulously developing the WPTrainMe system and creating tutorials that educate and inform people about WordPress, and building a framework that will allow us to continually grow, manage and keep our tutorials updated as WordPress itself evolves.

help For more information about us, visit the sections below:

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WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!

WPTrainMe Plugin - Tutorials Section

About WPTrainMe's WordPress Plugin Tutorials

WordPress Plugin TutorialsWPTrainMe has created a separate training module on how to install, configure and use many WordPress plugins. Our tutorials cover both Free and Premium plugins.

The plugin tutorials are then published under one of the categories listed below:

  • e-Commerce Plugins
  • Engagement Plugins
  • Management Plugins
  • Media Plugins
  • Monetization Plugins
  • Optimization Plugins
  • Reporting Plugins
  • Security Plugins
  • SEO Plugins
  • Social Media Plugins

Topic-related tutorials in different training modules (e.g. WP Management, WP Security, etc.) then link to individual plugin tutorials, giving users relevant access to the information they need to expand their site's functionality.

Generally, rather than writing about a specific plugin, we focus on the "benefit" that we want WordPress users to experience, and then write a tutorial on that topic, which may feature one or more plugins that can provide that benefit.

We write 'topic-based' tutorials about plugins, because when users want to be able to add a specific functionality to their site, they think about what they want their site to do (i.e. "prevent spam"), and may not necessarily know the name of the plugin that can help them with this (what does "Akismet" really mean? According to Wikipedia, it was a name suggested by Matt Mullenweg's sister for a plugin that Matt developed to let his mum blog safely!).

WPTrainMe Plugin Tutorials – What You Need To Know

Typically, we prefer to write all of the tutorials ourselves. We do this not only because we have certain standards and conventions that we follow for how our tutorials should be written, but also because we have tried using freelance writers before and found them to be lacking the level of expertize and attention to detail that our training system requires.

We do recognize, however, that if we are writing a tutorial about a plugin, it would be great to have the creator of the plugin involved, as this will benefit everyone: WordPress users, plugin authors and us.

We are open, therefore, to exploring the possibility of working closely with the developers of the plugins featured in our tutorials to ensure that the tutorials provide accurate, useful and up-to-date information.

Getting Your Plugin Featured In WPTrainMe

If you have a plugin that you would like us to consider adding to our WordPress training system, then we recommend that you follow the process outlined below:

  1. Go through our Tutorial List to select the best category and topic for your plugin.
  2. Decide what Content Type you would like to submit (step-by-step tutorial, or plugin overview – see next section for details)
  3. Decide Who Will Write the content: You (preferred option, faster approval and publishing) or Us
  4. Go through the Formatting Guidelines section of this document.
  5. Decide what Type of Content you would like to submit (step-by-step tutorial, or plugin overview – see descriptions later in this document)
  6. Decide Who Will Write the content: You (preferred option, faster approval and publishing) or Us
  7. Complete the "Add My Plugin To WPTrainMe" Request Form
Step 1 – View Our Tutorial List

Go through the "WordPress Plugins" section in our Tutorials List and select the most suitable category and topic for your plugin to be listed under. If you believe your plugin does not fit under any of the existing categories, then supply a new category that you think we should consider adding when you complete the Request Form (see Step 6).

help To view a list of all WPTrainMe tutorials and plugin categories / topics, visit the page below:

redarrow WPTrainMe - WordPress Tutorials List

Step 2 – Decide What Content Type You Would Like To Submit

Plugins featured in our tutorials are published under the following types:

Step-By-Step Tutorial – We show users step-by-step how to install, configure and use the plugin. In some cases, we almost create a "user guide" for a plugin. Some of the plugins we feature as step-by-step tutorials on WPTrainMe include WordPress SEO by Yoast, Google XML Sitemap Generator, Contact Form, Sexy Bookmarks, WP3 Total Cache, etc ...

Plugin Overviews – When presenting topics where a number of similar plugins exist that can perform the same essential function (e.g. Membership Plugins, e-Commerce Plugins), or if the plugin is complex and the plugin developer has already provided a comprehensive user guide, then we may choose to add only an overview containing a screenshot, plugin description and link to the plugin download page or "official" plugin tutorial page. In some cases, we may also add a "plugin overview" with a link to a separate page containing a full step-by-step tutorial.

Links – If a plugin exists that can help WordPress users achieve what they want with their sites, then we want to let them know about it, even if it means just adding a hyperlink to your plugin site where they can learn more about it. Typically, however, we use links to direct users from tutorials on other WordPress-related topics to information about the plugin.

Step 3 – Decide Who Will Write The Content

Ideally, we would prefer to get a completely "finished" tutorial from you that complies with all of our content and formatting specifications (see next sections), and that is ready to be uploaded and published.

This is the fastest way to get information about your plugin added to WPTrainMe.

We don't mind tidying up the tutorial a little, or fixing something here and there.

If you can't provide us with a tutorial or an overview of the plugin yourself, then we may consider writing it ourselves or creating something from your existing site, but keep in mind that we don't have a staff of tutorial writers, editors, or publishers – in fact, at the time of writing this guide, our entire tutorial writing department is really just one person … me!

Martin Aranovitch

(Martin Aranovitch - where the buck starts and stops!)

Note: We still have many scheduled tutorials that need to be completed and these will be prioritized above any new content that we are asked to create.

We strongly suggest, therefore, that you consider writing your own plugin tutorial. We have provided all of the necessary guidelines in the next sections of this document to help expedite the process of getting your tutorial or overview approved and published with WPTrainMe.

Step 4 – Content Guidelines

To submit a plugin tutorial or plugin overview to WPTrainMe ...

  • You must be the plugin's author to get your tutorial published on WPTrainMe. We will not publish tutorials submitted to us by affiliates, freelance article writers, etc. without the author's express written consent.
  • Tutorials submitted to us for consideration must provide detailed, step-by-step instructions aimed at helping non-technical users learn how to use your plugin and understand its practical applications. If using your plugin requires users to have knowledge of technical areas like programming or editing code, then it may not be suitable for our user audience.
  • Tutorials must be easy-to-follow and be written for the benefit of general WordPress users, not WordPress web developers or web designers (WordPress already has its own documentation site for more advanced technical users).
  • Plugin 'step-by-step' tutorials (not overviews) must show users exactly how to install, configure and use the plugin with no missing steps. Many "step-by-step" tutorials on WordPress assume that users know how to "connect the dots" and leave many steps out that confuse beginners and non-technical users.
  • Tutorials must help users clearly understand how they will benefit and what they can achieve using the plugin, and "show" the user exactly how to do this as much as possible using explanatory screenshots. We also welcome providing users with additional checklists, templates, videos, downloadable files, etc. and, wherever possible, offering practical examples of applications, tips, alternative methods and solutions, links to additional resources and references, etc.
  • If a detailed 'step-by-step' tutorial is not required for your plugin, consider submitting an "overview" instead (see formatting guidelines section). We may choose to publish an overview about your plugin if we already provide existing tutorials or overviews of similar plugins, or if you have already published a detailed "user guide" about your plugin on your site and would simply like us to link the overview to the plugin guide on your site.

Plugin Tutorial Examples

Below are screenshots of some of our existing plugin tutorials. Click on the image thumbnails below to enlarge the tutorial, or download the WPTrainMe Plugin to view the entire Plugin training module and access the tutorials in full-size (Note: Plugins Tutorials are only available in our Business and PRO editions).

Example 1 - 'Step-By-Step Plugin Tutorial

Click on the thumbnail below to view the tutorial we created for the Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin ...

WordPress Plugin Tutorial - Google XML Sitemap Generator

(Click on thumbnail above to enlarge image)

Example 2 - Large Tutorial Broken Into Several Parts

Click on the thumbnail below to view the tutorial we created for WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. It is a very large tutorial, broken into many parts (11 sections plus overview) ...

WordPress Plugin Tutorial - WordPress SEO By Yoast

(Click on thumbnail above to enlarge image)

Example 3 - Plugin "Overviews" Tutorial

Click on the thumbnail below to view the tutorial we create for WordPress Security Plugins. Each of the plugins listed in this tutorial are "plugin overviews" that lead into separate 'step-by-step' tutorials for most of the plugins described in this section ...

WordPress plugin Tutorial - WordPress Security Plugins

(Click on thumbnail above to enlarge image)

Example 4 - 'Step-By-Step' & 'Overview' Tutorial

Click on the thumbnail below to view the tutorial we created on "How To Add Tables To WordPress". This tutorial is about providing options on how to achieve a certain outcome (i.e. add a table to WordPress posts or pages) ...

Add Tables To WordPress Posts And Pages

(Click on thumbnail above to enlarge image)

Step 5 – Formatting Guidelines

As stated earlier, the fastest way to get your plugin tutorial approved and published on WPTrainMe is to supply us with content that follows our formatting guidelines.

Download the "Plugin Tutorials Formatting Guide Below" containing all of our content specifications:

Downloadable The WPTrainMe Plugin Tutorials Formatting Guide

WPTrainMe WordPress Plugin Tutorial Formatting Guide


  • WPTrainMe WordPress Plugin Tutorial Formatting Guide
    WPTrainMe WordPress Plugin Tutorial Formatting Guide

    Have you developed a great WordPress plugin for general WordPress users? Then download and follow this formatting guide to help get your plugin tutorial published on WPTrainMe and get increased exposure for your plugin as more and more WordPress users download the WPTrainMe WordPress Tutorials plugin. This file is in .PDF format saved as a .ZIP file.

Step 6 – Submit A Request To Add Your Plugin Tutorial

Make sure you complete and submit the “Add My Plugin Tutorial” request form below:

Add My Plugin Tutorial To WPTrainMe

WPTrainMe.com - Plugin DeveloperIf you have authored a WordPress plugin that provides great benefits to many WordPress users, then feel free to request WPTrainMe to consider adding a tutorial about your plugin to our WordPress Training System by completing the form below.

Before submitting this form, make sure you have read the information on this page and downloaded the "WPTrainMe Plugin Tutorial Formatting Guide" above.

Remember to follow our content guidelines and formatting specifications, and you will speed up the approval and publishing process of your plugin tutorial on WPTrainMe!


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