WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide

Learn how to install, configure, and use the WPTrainMe WordPress Training plugin.


WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide

Welcome to the WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide.

Everything you need to know about installing, configuring, and using the WPTrainMe is explained in this guide.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this guide or in the additional information sections listed at the bottom of this page, please contact us.

What Is WPTrainMe?

WPTrainMe - WordPress Training System

WPTrainMe is a comprehensive WordPress training system comprised of:

  • A FREE WordPress tutorials site (WPCompendium.org) with hundreds of detailed, written WordPress step-by-step tutorials, plus
  • A Membership Site that includes hundreds of WordPress video tutorials and links to the written tutorials, and
  • A WordPress Plugin that lets you access all of the tutorials from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin is available in two editions: FREE and PRO.

The membership area is located at http://wptrain.me/members and can be accessed by any registered user with an active membership using their login access.

Where Are All Of The WordPress Tutorials Hosted?

We host all tutorials on our servers. This allows us to easily manage and keep the content updated.

help For more questions about WPTrainMe, visit the section below:

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The WPTrainMe Plugin

The WPTrainMe WordPress Training plugin is easy to install and easy to use and does not impact on your site's performance or server resources.

The plugin essentially acts as an interface to the online membership site, allowing you to instantly access our tutorials inside your own WordPress dashboard ...

WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide

We provide two plugin versions:

  • FREE - Includes 70+ "How-To" tutorials covering how to use essential WordPress features.
  • PRO - Includes access to all tutorials and content in the WPTrainMe training library.

WPTrainMe Plugin - Free
WPTrainMe PRO Plugin


Note: Some of the tutorials, screenshots, and instructions in this guide refer to two previous plugin editions that we no longer offer: Basic and Business. These have now been upgraded to PRO.


WPTrainMe Plugin - Getting Started

Accessing the tutorials from your WordPress dashboard is a three-step process:

  • Step 1 - Download And Install The WPTrainMe Plugin (FREE & PRO)
  • Step 2 - Activate Your WPTrainMe Plugin License (FREE & PRO)
  • Step 3 - Authenticate Your WPTrainMe Plugin (PRO Only)

This User Guide covers each of the above steps in detail and includes the following topics:

  • FREE vs PRO Plugin Editions
  • Single vs Multiple User Licenses
  • Upgrading Your Plugin Edition
  • Using the WPTrainMe Plugin
  • Plugin Settings Related To Affiliate Program
  • Cancelling Your Multiple User License Subscription
  • Plugin Support, Requesting Tutorials, And Plugin Features

To learn more about using the WPTrainMe plugin or any of the above topics, click on a section below.


WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide - Video Tutorial

Click on the video below for an overview of the plugin installation process ...

WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide - Sections


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