WPTrainMe Affiliate Program

Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions From Your Referrals!

More People Around The World Are Using WordPress To Power Their Sites. Every WordPress User Needs WordPress Training! This Is Your Opportunity To Earn $$$!

Do you know people who use WordPress (who doesn't use it)?

What about offering WordPress service providers a time-saving, cost-effective way to provide their clients with the highest quality 'set and forget' WordPress training solution available so they can continue growing their own web services businesses without having to continually reply to calls and emails from clients asking them "how do I do X on my website"?

If you know anyone who can benefit from learning how to master using WordPress, then why not become an affiliate partner and get paid for your referrals?

One out of every 5 websites around the world use WordPress.

More and more websites today are being powered by WordPress, and every WordPress user needs to learn how to use WordPress to get the most out of their websites and blogs.

WPTrainMe provides the most comprehensive, well-organized, up-to-date and easy-to-follow WordPress "A-Z" step-by-step training system available anywhere.

With the WPTrainMe WordPress Training plugin, users get instant 'one-click' access to hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials directly from their own WP dashboards!

We offer two affiliate programs for the WPTrainMe product and you are welcome to join both:

  • WPTrainMe General Affiliate Program - Promote WPTrainMe to general WordPress users. This program is managed by a leading affiliate management network.
  • WPTrainMe Enterprise Level Affiliate Program - Promote Multiple User (Client) plugin licensing options to WordPress service providers. This affiliate program is managed in-house by WPTrainMe.com

WPTrainMe General Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate partner and earning money promoting the WPTrainMe WordPress Tutorials Plugin is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 Sign up for a FREE affiliate account at JVZOO.

We use JVZoo to track referrals of our single user WPTrainMe plugin editions (BASIC, BUSINESS and PRO), and handle all affiliate commission payments.

Ideal customers for the single-use plugin editions include all WordPress users, and website owners and business owners who would like to learn how to use WordPress to manage and grow their own websites.

Step 2 Get your uniquely coded affiliate link from JVZoo and/or our affiliate management system. This link allows the affiliate management software to track your referrals and pay you the correct commission amounts when sales are made.

Step 3 Promote WPTrainMe using your special-coded affiliate link and get paid sales commissions automatically when your visitors and referrals purchase the paid versions of the plugin.

TIP: To refer visitors and earn affiliate commissions using your own domain, we recommend using a reliable and professional link redirection system like GoTryThis

Promote WPTrainMe Through JVZOO

JVZooYou will need to create an account with JVZoo first to get paid. To register with JVZoo (it’s FREE) and set up an affiliate account go here.

Once you have your JVZoo account, go here to promote WPTrainMe as an affiliate through JVZoo with your unique affiliate link:



WPTrainMe Enterprise Affiliate Program

We also manage an affiliate program in-house for "Enterprise-level" affiliates who want to promote WPTrainMe to WordPress service providers (e.g. web developers, WordPress site building services, etc.) ...

WPTrainMe Enterprise Login

The Enterprise Level affiliate program allows affiliates to promote the WPTrainMe WordPress Training Plugin to WordPress service providers (e.g. web developers, WordPress site building services, etc.), who can then purchase multiple user license options, earning affiliates a recurring income as an ongoing percentage from the monthly fees generated by the sale.

help To learn more about the benefits of purchasing client licenses and to view the licensing options we currently have available, go here:

redarrow WordPress Service Providers - Client Licensing Options

help To learn more about the Enterprise Level affiliate program, visit the page below:

redarrow WPTrainMe Enterprise Affiliate Program


Once you have your affiliate link, use the promotional affiliate marketing tools that we have created especially for our affiliate resellers to add links to your web site or blog, banners and text ads, product reviews, articles, emails (PLEASE DON’T SPAM!), forum signatures, etc.

Click Here To Access The WPTrainMe Affiliate Tools Section

(click the link above to access banners, promotional materials, etc ...)


Making money as an affiliate requires some work, but we want you to succeed and earn money referring our product and we guarantee to provide you with many promotional tools and resources as well as outstanding affiliate partner support.

We view our affiliates as our partners ... we succeed by helping you succeed. We promise, therefore, to do our best to support you as a WPTrainMe affiliate, and we thank you for choosing to invest your time promoting our products.

Privacy Statement: Your data will never be rented, sold or displayed to anyone. Your privacy is completely assured.

Reminder: We have ZERO tolerance for Spam - anyone caught spamming will have their affiliate account terminated immediately!

We look forward to helping you achieve great success and we wish you the very best in your affiliate marketing efforts.

The Team @ WPTrainMe.com

Useful Information For WPTrainMe Affiliates

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  • WPTrainMe Affiliate Links - Get Your affiliate links from JVZOO.
  • Enterprise Affiliate Program - Go here for the Enterprise Affiliate information, login and registration section.
  • Affiliate Promotional Tools - Go here for banners, swipe emails, and other affiliate promotional tools.
  • WPTrainMe Blog (Affiliate Section) - We have created a blog category especially for posting useful information about our affiliate program and helpful tips for existing affiliates.
  • Affiliate Program FAQs -  See the 'Affiliate Program FAQs' section of the main FAQ page for frequently asked questions about the WPTrainMe affiliate program.
  • WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide - If you build WordPress sites for clients, then refer to the section on adding your affiliate link to the plugin to ensure that you earn commissions if your clients decide to upgrade their plugin edition.
  • General Affiliate Program Agreement - Affiliate program agreement and terms and conditions of the WPTrainMe affiliate program.
  • Contact Us - Contact us if you have any questions about the affiliate program.