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WPTrainMe - The Most Complete WordPress Step-By-Step Training System Available Online!WPTrainMe provides the most comprehensive, well-organized, up-to-date and easy-to-follow WordPress "A-Z" training system available via a simple to install plugin that gives users instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials from their own WP dashboards.

WPTrainMe's tutorials educate and empower WordPress users to "master WordPress faster" and teach them how to manage and grow a successful web presence without requiring technical knowledge or coding skills.

Our tutorials can be used by WordPress users of all levels, and by WordPress service providers to cut down on their costs of providing support and training clients on using  WordPress.

We don't compete with other WordPress service providers for web development, web design, web hosting, or web consulting services ... our business is 100% focused on creating high quality WordPress training tutorials and delivering the most complete WordPress step-by-step training system available!

"These tutorials have so much information and are easy to understand. If you use WordPress or plan to in the future these will help you with everything you need to know." - Valisa (Mesa, Arizona)
WPTrainMe - detailed Step-By-Step WordPress Tutorials

Why Choose WPTrainMe?

More websites around the world are now being powered by WordPress. Many WordPress site owners - and in particular small businesses, however, are given very little training (other than just the most basic stuff) on how they can truly maximize their online potential using WordPress.

Understandably, this is partly because most WordPress service providers primarily focus most of their time, efforts and attention on selling their web services, not on creating WordPress training systems.

Even the WordPress Codex (WordPress' own documentation website) is regarded by many WordPress users as being "too technical", and requires sifting through loads of content primarily aimed at web developers in order to find the information you are looking for.

WPTrainMe is designed for non-technical WordPress users, not web developers.

Additionally, most WordPress client training methods are ineffective and can lead to clients feeling overwhelmed and/or paralyzed, because they only focus on showing clients how to use basic WordPress features, instead of showing them how to use WordPress to get better results in their business using WordPress ...

Don't Just Teach Clients WordPress ... Help Them Get Results!

WPTrainMe overcomes this problem by providing WordPress service providers and their clients with a comprehensive and complete WordPress training system that helps users "connect all the dots".

We fill a growing need that many WordPress website owners have for practical and easy-to-follow tutorials that show them how to use WordPress and get the results they expect from their websites without spending hours scouring the net searching for answers or years going through a "self-taught" learning curve filled with costly mistakes.

We believe that by putting "WordPress users first" and educating and empowering WordPress users to be in control of their own web presence, everyone wins!

help To learn more about our business and training philosophy, go here:

redarrow WPTrainMe Philosophy

"Wow! I never knew there’s so much to learn about WordPress! I bought one of the WordPress for Dummies three years ago, such authors need to be on this course!" - Rich Law, Create A Blog Now

WPTrainMe - Background

Since 1992, we have been developing business, software and sales training programs, built a number of online businesses, and worked with many businesses, from individuals to large organizations.

After discovering WordPress in 2006, we began offering professional website building services for local businesses. As well as building websites, we would also provide clients with onsite training on how to use WordPress. This training eventually grew into live presentations at business networking events.

In 2010, we began providing free government and local council-sponsored WordPress training seminars and workshops to local businesses ...

WordPress Training Seminars

In our 4 hour-long seminars and 'hands-on' training workshops, business owners were shown why WordPress was a cheaper, easier, faster and better option for growing a business online than a traditional website, and how to save thousands of dollars in web development and web design costs.

To help business owners get started with WordPress after the seminars and workshops, we then developed a series of detailed step-by-step WordPress training guides covering every aspect of using WordPress, from installation and set up, to how to use, grow and manage a WordPress site (around 1,300 pages of training content combined) ...

WordPress Training Guides

Despite the fact that our WordPress Training Guides have sold well online and have been well-received and praised by many WordPress users (see our testimonials section), e-books are hard to keep up-to-date. To provide our e-book customers with ongoing content updates, we then developed an online companion training site containing updated screenshot and video tutorials.

Videos are a great way to teach and learn, but they are also difficult to keep up-to-date (unless, of course, your entire training system consists only of about a dozen or so tutorials, which WPTrainMe does not - we provide hundreds of videos in our step-by-step tutorials!)

In early 2012, we decided to revise our training system, and started converting all of our e-book tutorials, into detailed online WordPress screenshot tutorials, in order to make the training content easier for users to access, and to keep the information up-to-date.

After launching our online WordPress training membership site, we then blueprinted a WordPress plugin that would allow us to deliver our comprehensive WordPress training system directly and instantly to WordPress users via their own WP Dashboard (their site's administration area), and that's how the WPTrainMe WordPress Training plugin was born.

WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!

"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)

WPTrainMe WordPress Training Plugin

As you can see, developing the WPTrainMe WordPress training system has taken us many years of hard work and dedication to create. Each tutorial has been carefully planned, researched and expertly written with meticulous (some may even say ridiculous) attention to detail, and our entire system then put together with thousands of screenshots, checklists, templates, videos and additional downloadable files and resources to ensure that WordPress users have at their fingertips everything they need to gain a comprehensive understanding and practical mastery of using WordPress to grown a successful online presence.

WPTrainMe provides the best WordPress training solution available for anyone who wants to learn how to get the most from their WordPress site and grow a successful web presence that they can completely and easily manage.

We offer several plugin editions to suit different user needs:

  • FREE – includes dozens of detailed WordPress step-by-step “how to” tutorials. This version covers the essentials of using WordPress and is ideal for WordPress beginners..
  • BASIC – includes all of the tutorials in the How To Use WordPress training module. This version is ideal for users who would like to become proficient with the basics of using WordPress.
  • BUSINESS – includes all of the tutorials in the How To Use WordPress, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Strategies training modules, plus a number of additional tutorials in other training modules. This version is ideal for WordPress users who would like to learn how to use WordPress, expand WordPress functionality and grow their online presence using effective business and marketing strategies that integrate with WordPress.
  • PRO – includes ALL of the tutorials made available to WPTrainMe users. PRO plugin users get access to hundreds of ‘step-by-step’ tutorials from our growing WordPress “A-Z” training library, which cover every aspect you need to know about WordPress … from installation and configuration, to using, expanding, customizing and managing your site, plus WordPress optimization, security and business and marketing strategies.
WPTrainMe - Access Hundreds Of Detailed WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Inside Your Own WP Dashboard!
"I am so grateful for the level of detail and the elegant flow of all the tutorials!" - Andrea Adams

WPTrainMe - Meet The Team

Martin Aranovitch - WPTrainMe.comMartin Aranovitch - WPTrainMe Founder And Training System Development

Martin brings his vast experience as a business software trainer, business coach and business systems developer, combined with years of expertize as a professional WordPress service provider and WordPress trainer to WPTrainMe.

Martin is responsible for designing and managing the WPTrainMe system and for creating and maintaining all of the WPTrainMe tutorials and providing user-level support.

Lisa Curiel - WPTrainMe.comLisa Curiel - Sales And Channel Management

Lisa has over 30 years experience in IT, and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies managing national and international partner accounts and helping companies to grow their sales channels.

Lisa is responsible for creating new business opportunities, managing our affiliates and developing partnerships with WordPress service providers.

WPTrainMe - Master WordPress FasterWPTrainMe - Roadmap

Thousands of people contribute to the development of WordPress, and new software updates are released on a regular basis (about every 3-4 months or less).

Because WordPress is constantly evolving and so many people are continually adding to the software, this makes keeping up with WordPress changes quite a challenging task, especially when you consider that WPTrainMe provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials containing thousands of screenshots, plus hundreds of accompanying video tutorials, downloadable files, tenplates, checklists and more.

Fortunately, we have spent years carefully laying down the foundations of our system to make sure that we can deliver on our promise of providing the most comprehensive, well-organized, up-to-date and easy-to-follow WordPress training system available.

Currently we are a small, but responsive team, but we have plans to grow.

If plugin users notice that a tutorial contains errors or that the information is out of date, they can contact us and we will ensure that the information gets updated as quickly as possible.

As more users download the WPTrainMe plugin, we plan to get authors and developers of plugins that are featured in our tutorials involved in the process of keeping us informed of any significant changes they make to their plugin, so that we can make necessary changes to our tutorials (if you have authored a great plugin that benefits many WordPress users and would like it to be featured in our tutorials see this page).

Once all of the core training tutorials have been completed and are available to users, our focus will be on improving our systems to ensure that we can continue looking after the needs of all users, affiliates and contributing partners.

We hope that you will decide to experience the quality of WPTrainMe's WordPress training tutorials  for yourself by downloading the plugin, and we look forward to being a part of your online success.

To contact WPTrainMe, go here.

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